Food Tasting @48 East, Indiranagar-Bengaluru

48 East is an app and web-based food delivery service who operate in Indiranagar and Marathahalli, Bengaluru 😉 Last week, I was invited for food tasting at 48 East and was pleasantly surprised with the oriental gourmet offering specially the pricing and packaging👌

48 East represents 48 different countries of Asia. From the ancient civilizations of China to India, extending to the colorful Middle East, from the light flavors of south-east to the exotic from the Far East.

Some one said "Good things come in small packages," true to that, 48 East are stepping up a notch offering delectable oriental cuisine for a fraction of price 😎 The menu changes every Friday😊 The weekly changing menu will offer succulent satays to cheesy baos😋

About 48 East: 
Influenced by Asian cuisine and marked by a multiplicity of regional and ethnical influences, 48 East strives to bring in the best of eclectic Asian gourmet food right at the doorsteps of people. A well seasoned team from food industry will take you on a gastronomic journey with every meal.

Founded by Joseph Cherian and Nabhojit Ghosh under Love Food Ventures Pvt Ltd, 48East started operations in August 2016 in Bangalore. The veterans of the food industry bring in the best of their 50 years of combined experience as a seasoned professional in the food business and a star chef respectively to ensure that each meal is of the highest possible quality. 

Since its inception the team has chalked up a strong fan following and list of patrons. Currently, they are servicing orders in and around Indiranagar, Domlur, Ulsoor, Old Airport Road. HAL 2nd and 3rd Stage, Tippasandra, Cambridge layout etc. Under the watchful eye of the chefs who ensure quality and taste, each meal has won them accolades from the customers. 

Each month they add more customers as the delicious word gets around. The business is built on strong loyal customer base. 48 East takes its customer through the journey of 48 different countries of Asia through its weekly changing Menu.

Blogger Table Menu:
Spinach Burnt Garlic Dimsum
Chilly Cheese Baozi
Chilly Basil Chicken Gyoza
Fish and Prawn Suimai
Tofu Satay
Corn Lolly-Pops
Chicken Satay
Chili Plum wings
Som-Tam Salad
Teriyaki Mushroom Quesadilla
Tofu Khow Suey
Chicken Khow Suey
Bokchoy Mushroom and Moon Fan Rice
Chicken Donner Pilavustu
Nest of Dragon
Banana Five Nut Roll

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Fish and Prawn Suimai: Were fish cakes with a combination of talapia and prawns served with chilly sauce, a plum sauce and tartar sauce.

Spinach Burnt Garlic Dimsum: Juicy and garlic flavored spinach filled in thin dumpling sheets and steam cooked to presection were also served with chilly sauce, a plum sauce and tartar sauce.

Chilly Basil Chicken Gyoza: These soft and succulent dumplings had amazing filling of chicken and basil steam cooked and served with chilly sauce, a plum sauce and tartar sauce.

Chilly Cheese Baozi: Combination of mixed veggies stir fried with chilly mixed with cheese and filled inside a fluffy bun were also a steam cooked starter these buns were feather light and cheesy. These buns were served with 3 differnt dipping sauces chilly sauce, a plum sauce and tartar sauce.

Tofu Satay: I liked these paneer satay they were batter fried and served with a lemon grass dressed salad and plum sauce it was almost like a tandoori paneer but with asian flavors.

Chili Plum wings: Crispy fried chicken wings in spicy and sticky plum sauce was a excellent starter served with lemon grass dressed shredded veggies and pickled pineapple was tangy and spicy.

Corn Lolly-Pops: A spicy corn and potato cutlet shaped into lolly pops on cane sticks, crumb coated and fried was served with a tomato and plum based sauce and salad was crunch spicy and fun to bite and chew into a edible cane stick.

Chicken Satay: Classic satay served with peanut and ginger based sauce and salad was spicy crunchy and succulent.

Teriyaki Mushroom Quesadilla: Spicy mined mushroom masala filled in a roti along with cheese and grilled to perfection.

Som-Tam Salad: Raw papaya, green beans, carrots and basil were tossed in a basil and lemon grass dressing and served with extra dressing and peanuts.

Tofu Khow Suey: Rich and creamy coconut curry based sauce with soft noodles and fried tofu garnished with caramalized onion and served with a lemon wedge. 

Chicken Khow Suey: Rich and creamy coconut curry based sauce with soft noodles and chicken served with steam cooked egg and caramelized onions.

Bokchoy Mushroom and Moon Fan Rice: Rice and veggies steam cooked in a lotus leaf and served with stir fried shitake mushrooms and bokchoy.

Chicken Donner Pilavustu: Rice pulao and creamy chicken kabab curry.
Nest of Dragon: Chocolate filled dumplings.

Banana Five Nut Roll: Banana rolled in a spring roll sheet and fried to perfection topped with nuts and served with a caramel sauce.

Overall I enjoyed the entire tasting. My picks and must try are the dumplings, cheese baozi, moonfan rice, teriyaki mushroom quesadilla and chocolate dumplings.


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