7 Different Biryanis By Qureshi Brothers @Majlis, Bengaluru

'Jashn-e-Biryani Festival' at Majlis (Kammanahalli CMR Road, HRBR Layout, Bangalore) hosted me for bloggers table. This festival is truly a biryani lovers dream come true. One can enjoy exotic Kathal (jackfruit) Biryani  to Murgh Rampur Biryani at an affordable cost.

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Majlis is a Indo-Arabic restaurant menu consists a mixture of Lebanese and Indian dishes curated by Celebrity Chef Ashfaque Quereshi and Chef Irfan Quereshi. The Qureshi's are well known chefs in India their four fathers have cooked and served nawabs. The brothers have curated some authentic biryani recipes from the past for this festival 

The biryanis we tasted had subtle flavors and taste. Meats and veggies specially the rice was cooked to perfection. I was amazed after tasting few biryanis, never tasted such unique combination yet packed with so much flavors.

We started our meal with a Jaljeera and Watermelon slush welcome drink...

Peri Peri Hummus and Pita Breads

Qureshi Brothers

Our Table

kathal ki biryani a jackfruit biryani. When the jackfruit is not ripe its considered as a vegetable in India, we prepare many dishes with kathal for auspicious occasions. Using kathal in place of meat and transforming the vegetable to taste like meat is art to me.The vegetable was cooked with garlic, coriander, turmeric and whole spices, this biryani was pure perfection.

Then came the murgh rampur biryani. This biryani was cooked with spiced chicken broth and baked on coals for flavor. I have tasted many chicken biryanis, this was my favorite. the taste was subtle, very aromatic biryani.

Bohri Biryani with dry fruits and veggies. After feasting on yummy meat biryani I was not a huge fan of the vegetable biryani. It was prepared to perfection. this biryani would perfectly match with kababs.

Samadurai Ratan is a Prawn biryani. Prawns were marinated and cooked with spices and saffron. Prawns were not rubbery it was juicy. This biryani can be eaten alone without any sides like raita or salan.

Kacchi Gosht Biryani. Meat marinated in yogurt and cooked with aromatic spices and mint is a famous biryani from Hyderabad. Meat literally falls of the bone every bite of this biryani melts in your mouth.

Dum Lucknowi Biryani  or the Awadhi Biryani where the rice and meat are cooked separately and then layered and sealed with wheat dough and baked on coals was absolutely delicious.

Tamatar Salna...A tomato gravy served with biryani for added taste and flavor.

Must try here....Murgh Anari biryani which was stuffed with cheese and pomegranate. The combination of cheese and chicken in a biryani was new to me, very modern or would call it a mashup of two recipes the briyani was too good.

Om Ali (Egyptian Bread Pudding)  
Phirni (Rice Pudding)

Overall enjoyed the biryanis. My picks from the entire tasting was Murgh Anari biryani,  kathal ki biryani and  murgh rampur biryani was simply superb I would like to go back to taste these biryanis again.

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