Enjoying Japanese Cuisine @The Chancery-Matsuri, Bengaluru

I was hosted by The Chancery-Matsuri a Japanese Restaurant located on Lavelle Road. Matsuri is a hotel that is run by a division of Toyota. 
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What I really liked about matsuri is the location its centrally located right opposite to airlines hotel. Ambiance is very calm and inviting.  
Since I've never been to Japan or tasted the authentic food I cannot comment on the food, the knowledge about Japanese food and culture I have is purely from internet, however this was a new experience.

Exactly six years ago, I was introduced to sushi it was very popular among foodies in bangalore, since then I'm a huge fan of sushi, eating raw fish is never heard or seen in our community after tasting sashimi it was salty and perfectly paired with beer. On few occasions I have tasted udon noodles, miso soup and tempura but never really indulged in full on Japanese meal. 

Executive Chef OKANO at Matsuri treated us to array of dishes I've never seen or heard, Starting with the soup to egg custard topped with udon noodles it was all new to me. Japanese cuisine from a Bengalureans prospective is very simple with clean flavors. 

Mint and basil infused lemon juice...

Paan Lemonade

Kuzu tataki soup (red snapper fish soup)

Shokado Gozen which consists of chicken and vegetable tempura, suno mono & mizore-su, sashimi. 

Sunomono and mizore-su (Japanese style pickled vegetables in mizore-su gravy) 

Salmon, tuna & squid sashimi 

Carrot, okra, zucchini & chicken tempura


Ebishinjo, yasai takiawase (shrimp dumplings with vegetables) 

Tuna sushi

Vegetable sushi 

Odawara-mushi (egg custard with udon noodles) 

Kake udon (udon noodles with soya based soup)


Fruit crème mitsumame 

( cubes of seaweed agar served with sweet bean paste, fruit and ice cream)

Overall I enjoyed the food. It was almost like our thali meals small portions but really filling. Three picks from the entire meal was the snapper soup subtle flavors soothing and not fishy, second dish was egg custard with udon noodles, steam cooked spongy eggs with soup and noodles was feather light it was all gone in seconds, third and final dish had to be the ice cream with sweet bean paste and fruits never tasted the beans and icecream combo before enjoyed the taste and flavors.


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