Food Tasting @WOW MOMO, New-Bel Road Bengaluru

Momo has always been my favorite snack/mini meal on a budget, the dumpling is normally stuffed with chicken, fish, mixed vegetables or cabbage and served with a spicy chutney, this dumpling is a favorite street food. 

I was hosted by wow momo for this tasting session. Wow momo is located on new Bel-road just before Ramiah hospital signal. 

Wow! Momo is a chain of restaurants serving steam cooked and fried dumplings all day. Momo is a dumpling popular in Nepal and parts of Tibet and India, wow momo was established in 2008 by Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai in Kolkata. Wow momo is spread across many cities from Chennai to Pune, Bengaluru, Kochi, Delhi, NCR, Coimbatore, Thrissur and Digha.

The brand has grown rapidly to become the country's largest momo chain in terms of volumes, turnovers & innovations. Their menu caters to 12 different flavors of momos available in steamed, fried & pan fried formats largely in whole wheat and refined flour variants. 

They have smartly innovated & invented to create Sizzler Momos, MoBurg (Momo Burgers), Momo Chats etc. And to top it all, even their dessert is a 'Chocolate momo. This chain or restaurants operates out of Kiosks, Food Court Outlets, High street mini outlet, and High Street maxi outlets.

We visited the outlet during lunch. Space had good lighting and ventilation, clean floors, air conditioned and cool posters on the wall...seating was okay not comfortable but still manageable. Cold water bottles, pepsi and coke avaiable. Parking was an issue.

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First order was the corn and cheese pan fried momo with tomato and garlic sauce.

Chicken Momo Burger.

Chicken Momo Sizzler with schezwan noodles and manchurian sauce.

I was really impressed with all the creations starting with the fried momo tossed in tomato garlic sauce...this dish reminded me of an Italian style arincini drenched with marinara. The cheese and corn combination can never go was a good starter.

Coming to my second order the moburg or momo burger took my momo craving to the next level enjoyed this burger. The entire construction of this burger was awesome starting with sesame buns smothered with schezwan sauce and bombay style mint chutney centered with deep fried chicken dumplings and loaded with gooey cheese. Full 5/5 for this creation.

Next was the chicken momo sizzler. This is a package for two hungry blocks or kids on a budget can share among three. The sizzler concept is very good specially targeting college crowd and people dining on a dime. 

Sizzler comes with two types of momos fried and steamed loaded with schezwan noodles and served with a manchurian sauce. I could have ordered the fish version and fried rice, since a picky eater tagged along I was forced to stick with chicken based momo. 

No Comments on the dessert anything fried with fudge brownie and topped with generous amount of chocolate sauce is always a winner...

Chocolate momo.

Overall experience at wow momo was superb. I'm going back to taste more dishes on the menu we were impressed with all the innovations they have created using just dumplings. Truly a feast for everyone who love modern approach without compromising on taste. 

My favorite pick from the entire tasting has to be the moburg/ momo burger we were hooked to these burgers ended up packing some for later. The packaging was also neat. 

WOW MOMO is located right opposite to mcdonalds and onesta on new bel road...

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