Korean Food Festival @Highultralounge, Bengaluru

I was hosted for the ongoing Korean food festival at High. Executive Chef Myo at High, has handpicked a menu that includes assortment of delectable vegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes from Korea. 

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Korean style Tenderloin Skewer, Vegetable Skewer with Spicy Kimchi Tamarind sauce, Stir fried Chicken with Siracha Pepper sauce, and Stir fried Pork Loin vegetable with Kimchi Oyster sauce followed by most luscious desserts like Melon Ball soup etc...

HIGH Ultra Lounge is spread lavishly across the roof top of the World Trade Center – Bangalore. At 421 feet high, it is the highest point for food and beverage in India. High Ultra Lounge looks to redefine the lounge bar experience by focusing on superlative ambiance, modern pan Asian cuisine, world-class mixology and personalized service.

 Passion Fruit, Orange and absolute vodka cocktail...

 Korean style chicken pops with Homemade BBQ sauce & Kimchi

 Korean style fish pops with homemade kimchi & lemon sauce

Deep fried fresh potato slice with homemade kimchi chili flake sauce, garlic and scallion

 Limbu Panni (Lemon Soda)

Korean style Vegetable Skewers with homemade kimchi tamarind sauce

 Chef MYO special homemade vegetarian kimchi salad

 Stir fried tofu, mushrooms and vegetable in sriracha pepper paste sauce, on the side kimchi, steam rice. 

Tasting vegetarian kimchi was truly a treat. The kimchi is supposed to be mixed with the rice and gravy and also eaten along with the rice for added flavor and taste...

Fried egg with spicy curry and hot rice is so comforting and the pepper stir fry with kmichi was super hit...

 Stir fried  chicken with vegetable & sriracha pepper paste sauce, on the side  kimchi, steam rice. 

Stir fried chicken tends to get dry but chef myo had nailed this dish I enjoyed my rice and chicken curry...

Stir fried pork loin with vegetable & kimchi oyster sauce...on the side steam rice, kimchi & fried egg.

Pork Pieces were bit chewy but I like the sauce and pork flavors mixed with rice and kimchi...

 Stir fried vegetable noodle with kimchi pepper sauce

Over all tasting session was superb, I enjoyed everything served to me. Three picks from the entire tasting has to be the chicken pops, kimchi  and  stir fried chicken with rice and fried egg. This was my first time tasting korean food it is very similar to Indian style food, wholesome and satisfying.

 Warm Toddy spiked with spices...

 Signature cocktail at High Inception: This deep, savoury, rich whiskey has rosemary, vanilla, fresh pineapple puree and Earl Grey tea enveloped in clouds of smoky flavor which is achieved by pouring a shot of whiskey upon the dry ice in a bamboo shoot.

Scoop of Vanilla Ice cream and Fudge Brownie. 

Korean Food is a must try head to high and enjoy the offering!

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