Nutmeg Infused Cold Pressed Coffee Recipe (Coffee Juice)

If you haven’t tried cold brew or cold pressed coffee yet, you’re missing out. The flavor is delightfully smooth compared to the taste of your usual cup, and it packs more than enough of a caffeinated kick to get you going in the morning. I have come across many articles and recipes for cold pressed coffee but never really got to taste it before, until my trip to The Serai Chikmangalur. 

My day at, The Serai started with a refreshing nutmeg infused cold brew coffee. So what was on my to do list for blog, I had to recreate the recipe and share it with my lovely readers...
Lets start with, what is cold brewed Coffee? It’s a way of brewing coffee in cold water rather than the traditional method of using hot water. 
Cold brew has a longer extraction process which gives it a few advantages over your typical cup of coffee. For one, it tastes a lot smoother. The familiar bite of hot brewed coffee is caused by fatty acids, which are left behind during the cold brewing process. This means it’s not only easier on your taste buds but on your stomach as well.

After brewing coffee grounds in cold water for a set amount of time (more on the ideal schedule later) you’re left with a tasty cold brew.

Your brew can be used as a base for many different drinks: hot, cold, iced, or in a cocktail! The versatility of cold brew is a true game-changer in how you consume your daily dose of coffee. cold brew can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

We can always dilute the coffee as per taste preference and use accordingly. Since we do not use sugar at home regularly, I've used date syrup and honey, we can also use diet sugar or palm sugar as per preference.

To prepare this cold brewed coffee I've used 100% coffee by coffeeday. Mysore Royal: a premium coffee powder with flavors of bitter chocolate and caramel with whisper of rich fruit, with flecks of sweetness makes you feel like royalty .This is not an instant coffee. 

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Ingredients To Prepare Cold Pressed Coffee:
10 Tbsp 100% Coffee
1/4 Cup Honey or Date Syrup or 10 Tbsp Sugar or Diet Sugar.
1 Tbsp Grated Nutmeg
2 Litre Cold Water 

We also need a glass jug or glass bottle for brewing...

Measure 10 Tbsp Coffee reserve.
Grate the nutmeg using a cheese grater reserve.
In a glass jug pour the coffee and nutmeg top with cold water close with tight lid and refrigerate for 18 hours.
After 18 hours strain the coffee using a sieve.
Mix 1/4 cup honey or dates syrup in the coffee stir well...Serve chilled...Enjoy.

We can also use this cold brew coffee to prepare coffee based cocktails 😉
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