Hi Friends, I agreed to review few online food delivery brands listed on Zomato for a PR company who had contacted me. First on the list was Behrouz Biryani. 
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This is solely my views, its not fabricated or trying to sell this brand. P.S I am not paid to do this it is a straight forward and honest review for zomato viewers, I wanted to document everything and post it for my subscribers on Youtube and blog too...
Before starting my review, please dont judge and start posting harsh comments let all of us #stopcyberbullying. 
I chose to order mutton dum biryani. 

1. I liked the compact packaging.

2. To my surprise biryani was piping hot for a home delivery.

3. We get boneless mutton dum biryani with gulab jamun and raita on every order.

4. They also provide plastic spoon, biryani masala/cumin mixed with chat masala, mouth freshener, napkin and toothpick on every order.
Overall nicely prepared biryani, basmati rice used very flavorful masala with loads of fried onions layered with rice and meat pieces. After mixing the rice along with the meat and masala I served in a bowl...decent portion for a person. 

Good quality ingredients used. Meat and rice was cooked to perfection. They also provide cumin masala for the raita we can sprinkle for the biryani as well it adds to flavor and taste.
I felt the biryani was lacking ghee, otherwise flavor and taste was good for a online food delivery brand. I was satisfied with my lunch. The online customer service and delivery was on time.

Will I order again? Yes. They also have a decent selection of vegetarian biryani. I would like to try the starters and other biryani variations...

Cost for biryani starts from 200/-

Visit to place your order.


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