Kebab Festival (22 Exotic Varieties of Kebabs) @Paradise Food Court

Indulge in 22 Exotic varieties of kebabs across all Paradise outlets. The 64-year-old brand synonymous with Hyderabadi Dum Biryani hosted bloggers for their on going third edition Kebab festival. 
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We got to taste 12 classic and fusion varieties of kebabs from the festival. Every kebab listed for the festival has a signature ingredient that makes it special says-Corporate Chef  Saurabh Saxena. Chef also adds that monsoons are the best season to savor these kababs, we are thrilled to showcase 22 varieties of kababs from across length and breadth of country.
Kebabs originated in 12th century Turkey, the grilled meats were a delicacy among turks and arabs who travelled for trade on the silk route regularly. Soon these mildly spiced and grilled kebabs gained popularity in other parts of asia and mughlai cuisine.
Pics Courtesy: From Paradise Blog
About Paradise:
Back in 1953, a small Canteen and Cafe functioned out of a cinema theater called Paradise in Secunderabad. The Café continued its services even when the theatre shut down. Between 1978 and 1996, under the leadership of Mr A Hemati, the restaurant underwent an exhaustive re-structuring, renovation and modernization program that was aimed at adapting to the changing social trends and evolving food habits of the people. The Paradise brand became synonymous with Hyderabad and Biryani and it was only in 2004 that the Management decided to expand to other cities and other localities in Hyderabad.
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Paneer Lolly a deep-fried sesame crusted paneer (cottage cheese) crispy and crusty outer skin, soft and creamy center perfect when served with a mint chutney.

Zaffrani Murgh Seekh, this chicken mince seekh kebab is so soft, packed with saffron flavor.

Murgh Sarfiya Kalimiri: Chicken thighs marinated in cardamom and peppercorns grilled in a coal tandoor for added flavor and taste...

Moti Fish Tikka: Strong flavors of ginger and cream marinated fish gently grilled on coals.

Mutton Seekh Kabab:  Mince meat marinated in garam masala skewered and gilled to perfection...

Bharwan aloo mutter tikki potato and green peas patties can be paired with biryani.

Mutton Shooleh tender bonelesss morsels of lamb marinated in yoghurt, grilled on coals and smoked with cloves for added flavor.

Khada Masala Kukkad tender morsels of chicken marinated in lime and whole spices for several hours before grilling. The end product was juicy, spicy and packed with flavors.

Jalandari Murgh Kabab was like tandoori chicken instead of whole chicken it was succulent boneless pieces of meat.

Barkas Rubina a cashewnut marinated prawn kabab, there is a distinct flavor of butter in this grilled prawns. These prawns literally melts in your mouth.

 Tulsi Machi (a basil marinated fish kabab)

 Dhuandhar Pankhudi: barbeque chicken wings Indian version.

Makhmali seekh kebab: Cottage cheese marinated with mild spices and pan grill. Soft and creamy vegetarian kabab.

Mutton Biryani...


For those who like to sample different varieties of kababs all at once, Paradise has custom kabab platters on demand choose from chicken, mutton, fish and vegetarian kababs as per your choice. So, go grab your kebabs before the 45-days kebab festival comes to an end.

My three picks from the entire kabab tasting was Dhuandhar Pankhudi, Barkas Rubina and Khada Masala Kukkad. I had to pick these 3 kababs, for its unique flavors and taste. Both the chicken and prawns were very tender and juicy literally melted in my mouth.

Where: Paradise (All outlets)
What: Kebab festival
Price: Rs 225/- onwards

The Kababs can also be availed from delivery partners-Swiggy, Food Panda and Zomato...🙏

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