Homemade Desi Style Popcorn

Just for fun I happen to post...how i prepare popcorn video on insta and on my youtube tamil channel the response was overwhelming and received lot of comments and query so I planned to post a detail blogpost.  

Someone said "Homemade is  Happiness" I believe 100% in that quote. No matter how convenient and affordable products are made it is always satisfying to prepare certain dishes from scratch. I never liked the taste of ready to use popcorn out of a pack since it contains vegetable fat the after taste and feel is waxy. 

If we prepare popcorn the way I have shown, it literally melts in your mouth. This can be prepared and stored upto a week in a airtight container and served as required. 
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1/4 Cup Corn Kernels 
Best corn kernels are avaiable at Reliance fresh, Big Basket, More, Thomas Bakery, Geetha Stores and Shivananda stores in Bangalore.
1/4 Cup Sunflower Oil
1 Tsp Maggi Maggi Masala (Optional)
Salt as per taste
2 Tbsp Water

Heat wok on high flame with oil.
Add the corn kernels and fry until the corn starts to splutter.

Sprinkle water over the corn and stir once.
Cover and cook on high flame allow the corn to splutter and pop.

Once the splutter sound stops remove the lid asap if not the moisture droplets on the lid will drop on the puffed corn making it soggy. Sprinkle salt and masala serve hot...Enjoy😉

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