#Supacorn Product Review

Hi Friends, I was contacted by Supa Corn company PR in mid march 2017 and was sent a lot of corn samples for tasting and review. I was so impressed with the product hence inspired to create recipes using the corn and wanted to post a complete review after use.

Sweet corn is very easily avaiable at supermarkets or at local grocery markets these days. I normally purchase a large batch and store in fridge. The fresh corn cannot be stored upto a week it tends to turn color and also loose most of its taste but with supacorn since its oxy packed the corn kernels remains fresh until 9 months without refrigeration. There is No preservatives added. 

What I like about supacorn is their option to serve the corn as it is or we can add to any dish. Corn kernels cooks fast under 2 minutes in microwave or we can cook in a pan. We can also consume the corn directly from the packet. 

Supa corn comes with chipotle, peri peri, achari, classic plain corn kernels and corn on cob priced between 34/- to 70/- per pack 

Visit http://www.supafood.in/ for more info. I totally recommend this product its avaiable at all supermarkets and online food app stores....Bigbasket etc. A very convenient product to store at home for easy snack can be packed and carried if we are travelling on a long journey. 
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 Corn on Cob

 Achari Corn Kernels (Corn with pickle spices )

 Peri Peri Masala Corn Kernels

 Classic Plain Corn Kernels

 Chipotle Masala Corn Kernels

Recipes I created using #Supacorn

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