PRANA (Organic artscafe / Restaurant / Bakery) @NewBel Road-Bangalore

Newly opened Prana cafe at newbel road, hosted me for lunch, I was excited to visit here since we stay very close to the cafe. This organic cafe come store is unique and has very minimal decor yet feels homely and cosy. They have also setup a organic store selling cold pressed oils, millets, spices and handcrafted toys.

I liked the ambience here its open and has various seating options starting from ground level seats to reading nook and communal table. They serve only organic millet based dishes apart from few rice based dishes and the dishes are seasoned with pink salt. I got to taste millet soup, appam with coconut milk, rice puttu with kadala curry, multi grain chapathi with mixed vegetable curry, Ragi modak, aloo tikki and southindian meals finally ending with a moong dhal payasam.

Food was slightly bland for us, but people who have a flair for healthy food will enjoy the menu.  Meals was worth trying limited veggies but the sambar and rasam was in large quantity  white rice and chapati is unlimited. 


 Reading nook
 Organic Store
 Millet Soup
 Aloo Tikki
 Rice Puttu
 Appam with palmsugar based coconut milk
 Ragi Modak (Finger Millet Dumpling) Stuffed with peanut, coconut, cardamom, palm sugar served with palm sugar based coconutmilk

 Mixed Vegetable Kurma
 Spicy Multi Grain Chapathi
 Jaggery Cardamom Panagam (Raw organic cane sugar cooler)
 Mint and Lime Panagam
Southindia Meals: Only White Rice and Chapati is unlimited 
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Three picks from the tasting was ragi modak, moong dhal payasam and multigrain chapati. I cannot mention the cost since this was an invite you can always visit zomato to check the menu and pricing.

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