Restaurant Review: Burp @New Bel Road, Bengaluru

Burp is easy to locate on new bel road. I visited here on a weekday evening and still found many students and couples relaxing after work or college. People visit this no frills, decent restaurant for amazing 12 inch thin crust wood fire pizzas on a budget. 

They are surely not skimpy on toppings and cheese the pizza base itself is a multigrain base. The open kitchen speaks for itself very well maintained space, comfy seating and excellent service. Make sure to visit this place along with friends and family portion size of every order is generous can be shared among four. 
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Since I am a zomato foodies club  member on whatsapp i got this invite for a tasting session. We were a group of 8 people, meeting new faces out of blogging arena was a good experience. 

There is two level seating, first level has open kitchen with semi indoor and outdoor seating. second level is purely a 30 seater. Very colourful metal chairs and tables with minimal decor. Walls have graffiti and mural art, the owner was inspired to decorate the space similar to Newyork since he worked for few years there. 

  What I got to taste?
 Blue berry milk shake (must try)
Fish Fingers 

4 non veg pizza(Must Try)
Paneer pizza (Must Try)
Mixed vegetable pizza

Penne pasta in arrabita sauce
Penne pasta in alfredo sauce
Spaghetti carbonara (must try)

Mexican Rice and Chicken (Must try)

They also have chocolate brownies and cakes if you like to indulge in desserts. I was to full to try all the bakes after wonderful pizzas it is a must visit for sure. I am planning to attack the sunday brunch heard a lot about it from the staff. My three picks from the entire menu I tasted was the pizzas for sure, mexican rice with chicken and blue berry milk shake.

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