Sheraton Hotels and Resorts Celebrates 80 Years of Going Beyond

We were a select group of bloggers invited to celebrate "Go Beyond 80 Years"  and Christmas Carnival, followed by Master Class in Ginger Bread House Making/Baking - Property Tour showcasing the various festive decorations and inclusions, ending with sunday brunch at FEAST.

Go Beyond was inspired by Sheraton’s associates and the heart they bring to their service, which is why they were the subjects in the new creative. 

The Go Beyond campaign showcases actual Sheraton associates interacting with guests in small but meaningful ways that have great impact on a traveller’s experience. In one such execution, a Sheraton associate eagerly dives to the bottom of the hotel pool to retrieve a child’s precious stuffed bunny. 

In another situation at the Sheraton Grand Bangalore a Guest lost valuable bike spare which was very light the room service must have mistaken as garbage and cleaned the room as usual. Once the team got notice of the lost packet, security team took efforts to trace the garbage van near to Mysore and retrieved the lost packet.
“Sheraton’s Go Beyond will resonate with guests and associates especially in Asia Pacific where service excellence is an intrinsic part of the Asian hospitality mindset. With a strong portfolio of more than 120 Sheraton hotels and resorts in this region, They look forward to the brand’s continual growth, cementing Sheraton as the global hotel brand of choice.”

Tour started at life size ginger bread house...
 Inside the edible ginger bread house was a store filled with baked goodies where the customer can choose a single cake or put togeather a basket along with choice of wine, chocolates, cookies and cakes as per choice. 
 20 Feet Christmas Tree at the entrance

After a brief tour we enjoyed some sparkling wine

We got a special entrance to the heart of the kitchen bakery section, where the masterclass was held they featured how the famous rich plum or fruit cake is prepared at sheraton bakery...

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Recipe for Rich Fruit Cake:
2 Kg Mixed Dried Fruits and Nuts in Alcohol 
(Rasins, Black Currants, Cherries, Almonds, Cashews, Apricots, Orange Peel, Dried Plums, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cloves, Rum and Whiskey mixed and soaked for a month)
200 ML Rum
36 Eggs
400 ML Caramel
400 Grams Mixed Fruit Jam
1 1/2 KG Butter
1 KG All Purpose Flour
1 KG Castor Sugar
2 Tbsp Baking Powder

In a large mixer the butter and castor sugar was creamed first till light and fluffy.The eggs were added one at a time till well incorporated in the butter.

All purpose flour and baking powder was sifted thrice and added in small batches to the egg mixture.Once the batter was smooth mixed fruit jam was whipped till well combined.The mixed fruits were added followed by caramel and rum all the ingredients were mixed well.

The cake batter was transferred to cake moulds and baked at 200 degree for 20 minutes this temp depends oven to oven I would suggest to check the cake at 10 minutes if your preparing at home. Once the cakes were baked it was allowed to cooled then packed and gifted to us ๐Ÿ˜‰

After the Master Class we had Brunch at Feast
Star Attraction: Oven Baked Turkey and Crackling Pork 

First Round: Chicken Pizza, Veg Pizza, Fish Tikka, Pesto Grilled Pineapple and chicken, Chicken tikka and Chilly Chicken...

Second Round: Smoked Salmon, Assorted Cheese, and Grilled tomato

Third Round Chaats: Samosa Chaat and Pani Poori

Mango Cranberry Mojito

Fourth Round Grills: Chicken Tangdi, Chicken Tenders, Mint Basa Fish, Pork Sausage and Masala Chicken Sausage.

Fifth Round: Chicken Rolls and Dumplings

Finally the mains: Nalli Nihari, Crackling Pork, Grilled Turkey, Chicken Biryani, Dum aloo, Nei Dosa and Curd Rice. By the by this entire meal was shared between me and dad I cannot eat all of it at once ๐Ÿ˜‹

For Desserts: I chose Gulab Jamun, Burfi, Kaju Katli and Coconut cake. Since I enjoyed the chocolate icecream here I had to finish my meal with a Ice cream.

I felt very lucky to celebrate and be apart of history. The food and service was epic, me and dad had a blast. Must thank Sheraton and Team for this wonderful experience.

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