Culinary Adventure Breakfast Tour Part-1 @Basavangudi, Bengaluru

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Basavangudi in early years was referred as sunkenhalli or dodda basavana guddi meaning (Big Bull Temple).

Bulls for Hindu community is the bread winner of the family. Since they are strong and help farmers yield larger cash crops so its very auspicious and worshipped, given prominence across shiva temples.

I started my culinary adventure breakfast series from Basavangudi Bull Temple. Every year on the last Monday and Tuesday of the Hindu month Karthika Maasa a groundnut fair is held in the temple premises and groundnut is offered to the deity. This fair is known as 'Kadalekaayi Parishe' in local dielect. Groundnut sellers and devotees throng the place during Kadalekaayi Parishe.

According to folklore the story dates back to 1500 when farmers lost majority of cash crop destroyed by a wild bull. Distressed farmers headed to the Chieftain Kempegowda for help and its said that he built the sacred nandi bull temple assuring them of peace from then people offer the first harvest to Dodda Nandi.   
After a very short hike we enter the temple...

The bull is a sacred Hindu demi-god, known as Nandi; Nandi is a close devotee and attendant of Shiva. Dodda Basavana Gudi is said to be the biggest temple to Nandi in the world. The stone monolith idol of Nandi is continually covered with castor oil and charcoal.

Out side the temple premises a gate leads to the Bugle Rock garden which is behind Dodda Ganesha temple and adjacent to the Bull temple. 

The garden gets its name from a bugle call made on top of a very large rock formation to alert the nearby dwellers. It is densely covered with trees and one can usually see and hear a number of bats perched on the trees. There is a water tank with motifs of famous people from Karnataka.

Statue of DVG 

Devanahalli Venkataramanaiah Gundappa, popularly known as DVG, was a Kannada writer and philosopher. His most notable work is the Mankuthimmana Kagga, which is similar to the wisdom poems of the late medieval poet Sarvajna. 

The adjacent road leading from the park is named after DVG which houses many eateries, I will cover most of my breakfast tour around DVG Road.

Starting Breakfast Trail
First Stop: Sri Guru Kottureshwara Davangere Benne Dosa
49/1, Subbaraoshetty Road, Netkallappa Circle, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.

Phone Numbers
+91 9448305384
+91 9060079480

Mon  to Sun 7:30 AM to 1 PM, 4:30 PM to 10 PM

I have heard so many people literally talk about the place all the time and finally got here. They are known for davengere style masala dosa. 

The dosa itself is a thin batter but still forms fluffy dosas. If your a person who enjoys overdose butter in dosas then head here. I personally did not understand the concept of just a bland mashedup potato served with heavy dose buttered dosa if someone can explain please let me know.

Next confusing part was podi dosa with a very spicy aloo and chutney shouldn't it be other way round, both the aloo and chutney should have been served with the butter dosa. But one amazing thing it is truly a pocket friendly place hence the crowd. 

Open Dosa
Benne Dosa
Kaali Dosa

This place is not child friendly only fit for adults who can balance everything in the hand and eat there is no place to sit. Please carry your water bottles I dont recommend drinking water from the can they are providing. 

Apart from all the things I have mentioned there is something everyone has to worry this place is located in high traffic zone and I really worry about dust, noise, pollution and onlookers are plenty making it a very uncomfortable eating experience. We had been here 2 days in a row and total bill for all the food was 170/-

Second Stop: S.L.N. Bajji Corner  
Address: Nettakallappa Circle, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

'The SLN Bajji Corner' at NettaKallappa Circle in Basavanagudi is quite famous for all types of bajjis and pakodas. The aroma 
of the fried stuff spreads across that stretch of the road teasing the tastebuds of passers-by. It is very tough to find piping hot pakoras and bajji in the morning. We bengalureans prefer uddina vada, or bele vada for breakfast.

If your a bajji lover head here it starts by 10 am starting from Baalekai bajji, capsicum bajji, bread bajji, onion pakoda, Mangalore bonda, aloo bonda, Maddur vada, kachori and samosa are some of the items listed on the menu. They also prepare delicious jilebi.

We chose Kachori and Samosa which they serve with meethi/sweet date chutney and spicy mint chutney topped with coriander, finely chopped onion and grated carrots. Total bill here was 30/-
Moong Dhal Kachori

Aloo Masala Samosa

Third Stop: Upahara Darshini
Address: DVG Road, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

This place is always over crowded we have to be ready to stand in a corner and enjoy dosa or idly as per order. I was here to taste special Kadubu idly but its served only during evening. We ended up ordering Poori. 

These puffed pooris were perfect it is half maida and half wheat flour serve with mixed vegetable saagu and chutney truly yummy. Next order was shavige or rice hopper which is tempered with mustard and lime juice. 
Shavige (Rice Hoppers)
Also try their coffee its strong filter coffee perfect way to cleanse your palate. Total bill was 140/-

Fourth and Final Stop: Mane Hollige
77/78, DVG Road, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

Holige or obbattu is most loved dessert in Bengaluru. We have constant climate change in the city and crave for holige all the time. To prepare this delicacy we require lot of patience and effort. i prefer to dig in where ever i find a holige outlet. 

Here at mane holige the options are endless truly a dream come true for a person with sweet-tooth. From dried fruit filling to figs, dates, peanuts and carrots are few fillings they offer. One can also try their spicy version white holige with gravy which is refereed as tulisi holige in many other holige joints.

They start the live counter by 10 am to 9.30 pm Mon to Sun. I ordered for Dhal holige and Khova Holige which is served with ghee.

The outer cover for holige has 70% semolina and 30% Maida (all purpose flour) which is pounded after kneading into dough and soaked in oil over night. The holige literally melts in your mouth.

Khova Holige

Dhal Holige
Apart from holige they also sell variety of condiments for even marriage parties and traditional edible gifts.

We bought koddubale, Benne murukku and shavige...Total bill was 178/- 

I will be preparing and posting recipes using shavige purchase from mane holige. My personal thoughts on this trip was mixed reaction. I liked some dishes like podi dosa, holige and bajji. I am looking forward for part 2 will post my final thoughts about the entire tasting soon. Thanks for stopping by and supporting me on this food tour. 

Stay Tuned for Part 2...

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