XO Belgian Waffles @Koramangala, Bengaluru

I recently got to visit XO Belgian Waffle located at Koramangala, Bengaluru. This waffle place was bit of a hike for us since we are new to the area it is located bang on 5th block Jyothi nivas college road. The waffles they serve here are 100% vegetarian no eggs used in the batter.

All waffles are prepared fresh as per order. They are currently serving a seasonal red velvet waffle for Christmas, but otherwise you can choose between all chocolate, chocolate and white waffle or white waffle as per your choice.

Being a hardcore bengalurean I personally enjoyed the butter lays waffles and coffee waffles. These dessert waffles start between 105/- to 155/- for 2 slices depending on the filling and toppings.

Since this place is nestled between many major pubs, restaurants and college it is packed all the time. We got to know that the best time to visit is between 3pm to 5pm on weekdays.

About XO Belgian Waffles
XO Belgian waffles take their name from an oronym of the Bel-Gem brand and are a North American waffle variety, based on a simplified version of the Brussels waffle. We have a vast variety in waffles of which toppings vary from whipped cream, confectioners sugar, soft fruit, and chocolate spread, to syrup and butter or margarine. They may also be served with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit such as strawberries as a dessert. 

These waffles are unlike any waffle you’ve ever had made from yeast-leavened dough and specially imported Belgian pearl sugar, this mouth-watering piece of heaven is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Baked at the perfect temperature, the sugar pearls melt on the inside and caramelize on the outside for a sweet, delicate crunch.
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 The waffle iron is generously buttered and ready orders...

Crunchy waffles are slightly cooled in gentle fan breeze...

Here is my first waffle dark belgian chocolate waffle. This waffle was recommended by the owner. Two slices of crunchy waffles are smothered with rich belgian chocolate spread. This is truly a treat or I should call it a stress buster after a long days work. 

My next order was spicy hot cinnamon cocoa. After a heavy dose of chocolate this cinnamon coco was superb a must try if your in the area. This coco was perfect winter warmer.

After a wonderful portion of belgian chocolate waffle and spicy cinnamon cocoa i was looking forward to my third order which was coffee waffle. If you want to try coffee in a dessert format then this waffle is a must try. This was a decadent treat crunchy and fluffy waffle slices covered with absolutely divine coffee spread a perfect dessert if your out with friends.

Perfect tasting on a saturday night we were thoroughly enjoying the waffles. I was over indulging at this point and wanted to end my tasting with a maple butter lays waffle. I was a huge fan of lays in my childhood days. The smell and taste of this waffle was so nostalgic brought back so many memories!

Overall the tasting was superb. People are literally thronging to this waffle place it is a must try. I thoroughly enjoyed the spiced hot cinnamon cocoa, coffee cream waffle and maple butter lays waffle here.

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