Discovering the Delectable Delights of Belgian in namma Bengaluru

I was recently invited by the Belgian Waffle Factory for a tasting session. Belgian waffle factory is nestled amidst culture rich hub on Brigade road, Bengaluru. Surrounded by colleges, charming cafes, micro brews, restaurants, huge shopping city center and parks.

This dessert place is truly a fantastic addition to our culture, menu consists of best sellers, create your own waffle, bubble waffle wraps, small snack menu offering fries, cheese bites and nachos. The overall concept is a QSR dessert option after a huge meal or a quick snacking option at an affordable price.

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We started our tasting with a Waffle named Sin. Base was a crispy and fluffy chocolate waffle, sandwiched with generous nutella inside, smothered with milk chocolate sauce outside and garnished with chocolate chips.  

Every bite of this waffle was so rich no wonder its their best seller. I loved the waffle for its warm yet crispy texture and the over dose of chocolate. 
One can binge on various delicacies but the craving for a dessert is always there. This chocolate waffle truly curbs the craving and hits the spot. We loved every bite of this waffle.

Up Next was the red velvet waffle with cream cheese. This waffle was surely a contrast compared to the overdosed chocolate waffle. 

Although the waffle itself has chocolate the cream cheese filling and fluffy yet slightly sour texture was worth every bite.

They offered us chilly nachos to cleanse our taste palate. This was again a very nice addition to their menu and must try if you visit.

The most awaited bubble wrap waffle which was on my wish list. I have seen so many instagram pics and facebook posts about this bubble wrap waffle but never really knew it was avaiable in Bengaluru.

The bubble waffle which looks fluffy and crispy is very difficult to finish by one person. The waffle iron is in a honeycomb pattern which results in crispy edges and chewy bubbles. Entire waffle has a overdose of chocholate inside topped with whipped cream, scoop of icecream and kitkat.

The end result of this waffle is excellent provided if you have not tasted other waffles from the menu. I would call this a dessert meal on its own. My suggestion is to choose more fruit toppings along with the ice cream and chocolate. 

Over all the waffles were well made. All waffles are 100% Vegetarian not vegan. The special waffle batter with a hint of sour content added to flavor and taste. Endless options for toppings and filling. Belgian waffle is also located in vasanthnagar all offerings are priced reasonably must visit if your in the location.

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