Unboxing: Unibic Festive Gourmet Cookies + No Bake Fruit Tart Recipe

I was recently contacted by the Unibic marketing team who wanted me to unbox and taste test these Festive Gourmet Cookies. 

1. To begin with I was impressed with the packaging. Cookies remained crispy, it was not stale, nor were the cookies crumbled or cracked. Every set of cookie was individually packed in a tray and sealed.

2. This is a vegetarian product. Comes in a assortment of four various cookies. These festive limited edition gourmet cookies are only sold on Amazon 

3. Benefits of purchasing limited edition or only festive edition product ensures quality and freshness. I enjoyed the flavors and taste of these cookies.
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The cookies in this tin are specially made for unibic and amazon sale it is not available in individual pack.

Every tin contains a 500 rupee gift voucher for next purchase.

Every cookie is individually packed in a tray. Butter cookies, Honey & Raisin cookies, Triple choco chip cookies, Dates & Almond Cookies.

Visit Unibic amazon page for more info http://unibicindia.com/amazon/

No Bake Cookie Fruit Tarts Recipe Using Unibic Festive Gourmet Cookies ๐Ÿ˜€
Unibic Butter Cookies, Almond and Date Cookies, Honey and Raisin Cookies.

Fruits of Choice: I used strawberry, grapes, apples and orange segments.

Whipped cream 
Wash and pat dry the fruits. Chop into tiny pieces.

Using a large star tip nozzle fill the pipping bag with whipping cream.

Neatly arrange the cookies on a serving tray.
Start pipping the whipped cream on the cookie.

Arrange the fruits of choice. Garnish with whipped cream and serve...Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š
I enjoyed the flavor, freshness and crunchy cookie base. This recipe makes a wonderful summer time kids activity. unibic cookies are healthy when it is decorated and served everyone would love to indulge.

Out of all the cookies my favorite was the triple chocolate chip cookie. I would love to purchase this on its own.

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