Food Tasting: Carrots 100% Vegan Restaurant @Koramangala, Bengaluru

I was hosted by carrots restaurant for lunch. This is not my first visit, I've been here on few occasions with friends and for events. Carrots is India's first vegan restaurant located at Koramangala, Bengaluru. Restaurant promotes organic farming, offering plant based foods. Menu comprises of dishes from across the globe, all dishes served to us was packed with flavor and tasted excellent. 

Ambiance has a homely vibe, I felt relaxed and enjoyed my lunch, very friendly staff. Carrots also has organic product store and they sell many products prepared in house like soya milk, red rice milk, mock meat, vegan mayo and more. One can also order food via zomato they deliver to your doorstep. Guilt free meals with no sugar, fat or excess oil. Please make sure to mention if any nut or allergy they will customize and prepare meals accordingly. 

  Ambiance shots provided by PR

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Soy Buttermilk: Soya milk and curds prepared in house, spiked with ginger, cumin, pepper and coriander. A traditional welcome drink served across southindian homes.

 Carrots Oats Smoothie: Thick and creamy carrot smoothie perfect drink to pair with sloppy joe burger.

Creamy Corn and Cilantro Soup with House Made Whole Wheat Garlic Bread.

 Chilli Garlic Potato: Crunchy potato tossed with a tomato and garlic based sauce...

 Thai Peanut Salad: Freshly shredded cabbage and carrots topped with toasted peanuts and a tangy sweet date syrup dressing...

 Aubergine Mushroom Platter: Thick medallions of aubergine sandwiched with mushroom masala and grilled to perfection and topped with a creamy sauce...served with a side of herb rice and mixed vegetable medley.

 Sloppy Joe Burger: Let me just tell you this is no ordinary burger. Sesame chocolate bun sandwiched with a mock meat sloppy gravy served with side of french fries and home made fluffy mayo. 

 Fluffy Mayo prepared in house.

Obsessive Chocolative Disorder: Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownie, Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Sauce & Nuts.

What I really liked about carrots restaurant is they do not use chemicals, preservatives, sugar or even excess oil. They promote organic food all natural ingredients. Salads, smoothies and cakes are sweetened with date syrup, even the butter is prepared out of coconut there is a whole new level of natural foods they have experimented and curated a menu around.

I really found myself carving for more vegan food after every course, truly wholesome and superb food. Every dish on my table looked appetizing and packed with flavors. My three picks from the entire tasting was creamy corn soup, sloppy joe burger and whole wheat chocolate brownie. Very laid back experience...highly recommend this place. 


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