Street Food Series: Rumali rotis @Frazertown - Bengaluru

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I shot this small video clip of chef preparing rumali roti at a small take away outlet in Fraser town.  

Fraser Town officially renamed as Pulakeshinagar is a suburb of Bangalore Cantonment, located in Bangalore North-East, spread over 4 kms. It was established in 1906 and is named after Stuart Mitford Fraser (1864-1963), who was the tutor and guardian of Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV, Maharaja of Mysore.

Fraser Town was established to de-congest the growing Bangalore Civil and Military Station (otherwise known as the Bangalore Cantonment). Currently mosque road is known as foodies mecca specially during ramzan the spread is huge one needs to appreciate the spread and also have an appetite to digest all the dishes during the festive occasion.

One common dish found in fraser town is Rumali....literally translates to handkerchief. Rumali roti a flat bread could have originated from kazakh cuisine. 

Kazakh cuisine has nomadic practices, the amount of equipment used for cooking is minimal because it must be transported from location to location to follow the grazing herds. In addition, there are no luxuries such as electricity or running water. 

The iron kazan which we now refer as kadai, is the most indispensable piece of cookware—it is used for cooking pilaf, soups, and even bread.

Kazan is shallow like a kadai, it can be turned over to cook flatbread on the back. There are three different metals used to create a kazan...rot-iron, alloy and copper. These days we only get iron or aluminum kadai.  

Rumali is prepared with three ingredients, bleached flour (maida), milk and salt. Super soft and instant roti to prepare. Entire batch of rotis will get finished within the same day if served with a good curry. Recipe to prepare rumali roti is already posted on my blog please click here.


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