Tasting New Menu @Farzi Cafe, Bengaluru

Farzi Cafe is located at UB-City, Bengaluru. I was invited by the team to taste their new menu. Young Chef Surya unleashed his gastronomic imagination and treated us to a modern indian bistro style cuisine, every dish with classic southern element was delicious yet nostalgic. Think hip, soul satisfying dishes like thatte idli and charcoal appams with generous portion of chilly chicken or choice of coconut cream kurma, mandarin orange chicken tikkas, grilled bacon tandoori prawns, and flourless chocolate cake, paired with choice of cocktails and beers was out of this world experience. 

Here's what we tasted..
 Pina Colada

 Bottle Ka Gin

 Chuski Margarita

 Farzi Apple Foamintini 

 Chai Pani

 Mango Mishti Doi Amuse Bouche

 Molecular gastronomy at its best: Traditional indian style mango yogurt, transformed into a magical sphere, flavor explosion to start our food tasting. 

 Avocado Mint Gazpacho, Jeera Namak Para 

 Curd Rice Tikki Chaat with Dragon Scoop and Besan Pearls 

Creamy curd rice was crumb coated and fried, topped with creamiest sweet yogurt and crunchy besan boondi..

 Desi Curd Poppers with Tomato Chutney 

 Indian version of crispy mozzarella cheese sticks but prepared with creamy hung yogurt, crumb coated and served with a perfect tomato chutney and podi.

 Mandarin Orange Chicken Tikka

 Love for indo-chinese food is never ending for every Indian. Chef has perfectly infused a mandarin orange few chinese herbs and ingredients to create a perfect chicken tikka.

 Panch Phoran Paneer Bhurji Tarts

 Paneer/ cottage cheese tempered with five aromatic spices and filled in pie shells literally melted every bite.

 Black Sesame Chicken Tikka with Sesame Ash

 Morsels of chicken thigh marinated in black sesame paste and grilled on coals, topped with sesame ash is very new flavor chicken tikka I have tasted. It was creamy, had a distinct nutty flavor and combination of smoky flavors was amazing. 

 Tandoori Bacon Prawns with Tadka Mayo

 Juicy prawns marinated in tandoori masala, wrapped with fatty bacon stirps and coal grilled.

 Chilly Duck Samosa

 Braised and shredded duck stuffed in mini samosas are deep fried and tossed in sweet chilly sauce. This samosa has an indo-chinese element, perfect starter for beer. 

 Organic Yogurt Palate Cleanser 

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 Andhra Chilly Chicken, Thatte Idli, Microgreens

 Traditional rice idly specially made in karnataka and tamilnadu. The rice batter is literally poured into tiffin plates and steam cooked to perfection. It is always served with a very spicy chutney or gravy. At farzi they served the thatte idli with chilly chicken and chestnut coconut cream kurma.

 Dal Kichadi Risotto, Papad Crisp, Achari Butter

 Mashup of two popular cuisines, dal khichdi was soothing and mellow the rice, dal and veggies topped with a dollop of spiced butter and served with crispy, peppery papad was perfect on a overcast day.

 Paneer Ghee Roast, Charcoal Appam, Podi Dust

 Chilly Chicken, Charcoal Appam, Podi Dust

 Smoky charcoal appam served with spicy chilli chicken and paneer ghee roast.
 Mutton Irachi Pepper Fry with Malabar Paratha

 Slow braised morsels of lamb tossed with freshly pounded karelite spice blend and served with multi layer paratha is an ultimate southindian comfort food.

 Thatte Idli, Coconut Cream Water Chestnut and Asparagus Kurma.

 Distinct south indian flavored curry with water chestnuts and asparagus. Creamiest coconut kurma with fluffy idly I've ever tasted. Lovely combination.

 Flourless Chocolate Cake, Tanquery Mousse, Orange Crumb

 Peanut Butter Mousse Taco, Banana Kulfi, Caramelized Banana.

 Fenni Nest, Chenna Balls, Flavored Milk

 Rasmalai Tres Leches, Carrot Cream, Rose Petal Nest

 Cotton Candy Paan

I don't even have to explain about the desserts, everything served to me was packed with flavors and taste. Attention to every detail and combination of ingredients to plating is a result to exquisite experience. Highly recommend farzi cafe visit for modern indian cuisine. Meal for 2 is 2000+. 

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