Mane Hollige @Basavangudi, Bengaluru

Hollige is a traditional sweet prepared during festivals or marriage. There are so many variations of hollige available today, hollige is normally prepared with a dhal, coconut or khova filling, many travelling traders in 13th and 17th century used to pack these puran poli/hollige for their long travels and  have gifted these poli or hollige to kings. We dont have exact dates when this dish originated everyone claims it to be their community dish in India.  As per study and research this dish could have originated from Afghanistan.

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Mane hollige is already featured on my Basavangudi food trail series. I wanted to feature them again these people truly deserve a shoutout. Quality and consistency of hollige is awesome, even the varieties of hollige that we get here is not available in other hollige outlets. Must try are white holige which is served with spicy gravy and chutney, khova hollige and coconut hollige.

They also have a condiment shop you can try the traditional condiments like chikki, halwa, chakuli and kodubale. To gift someone a traditional sweet or dish this is the place to buy. Try gifting traditional sesame chikki, groundnut chikki and kaimurruku. Apart from all these condiments they also sell fresh hand made rice noodles/semiya. Every thing is very affordable...pricing starts from 14/- upto 200/-.

Live Hollige Counter
Khova Hollige
Dhal Hollige

Condiments to buy for home or as gifts. 
Fresh Handmade Rice Semiya

Condiments we bought for house and tasting....Chakuli, Kodubale and semiya...

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