Bengaluru Style Mango Milkshake Recipe

I prefer using mallika mangoes in milk shakes and recipes since these mangoes are packed with flavors and it’s locally grown. There is a difference from locally harvested mangoes vs early harvested and shipped ones. 
 Mallika mangoes are harvested end of April and avaiable in local mango melas, supermarket and stores from June till end of July. 
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1 Liter Milk + 1 Cup Milk
100 Grams Pack Fresh Cream
3 to 4 Mallika Mangoes
3 to 6 Tbsp Sugar
1 Liter Mango Ice cream
Cherries for garnish 

Please adjust the sugar content as per the sweetness in mango. At times few mangoes will taste bland we need to increase or reduce the sugar level as per choice.

Boil 1 liter milk, reduce a bit on low flame. 

Remove milk from flame allow to reach room temperature, place the milk pot in the freezer allow to form solid milk ice cubes.

We can break these milk ice cubes into small pieces using a knife just before preparing milk shake.

Wash and pat dry the mangoes. using a potato peeler, peel the mango skin.

Chop the mangoes in larger chunks for milk shake and use two slices of mango to chop in smaller pieces for garnish.
In a juicer jar add the larger chunks of mango. Add sugar and icecream blend to form a smooth puree.

Break the frozen milk into smaller, blendable cubes and add to the mango puree.

Grind till the milk is well incorporated with the mango.

Pour the mango in serving glasses leaving a little gab for a scoop of mango icecream and mango.

Garnish the milk shake with a scoop of mango icecream and top with mango pieces, just before serving top with fresh cream and cherry. Serve right away...Enjoy😉

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